Boarding @ Saltyclaws

Boarding Includes Daycare Play Groups

During your dog’s stay he/she will be invited to attend the dog play groups or if they prefer they can spend time with the staff and enjoy one on one play time with outdoor walks. 

Currently our Boarding is for daycare customers only.

In Good Hands

At Saltyclaws  you can go away and relax without guilt or concern. Saltyclaws provides your  dog with their own Five Star accommodations where they will have clean, safe fun and their own vacation to brag about when you get back. 

Meals & Medication

No Charge for medication administration

We store the pet food in bins labeled for each meal and each day so please pre-bag your pets food per meal, per day, per dog. If you prefer to bring your food and have our staff bag it there is a charge of $1 per bag.

Boarding Prices

Please call for special rates for extended stay or more than 2 dogs.